What are some of the biggest lies ever told in India?

Answer by Anonymous:

1. Milkha Singh looked back during the 400m race at the 1960 Rome Olympics.
The Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh, was never leading in the 400m final of the 1960 Rome Olympics. Yes, he didn’t look back. He was fifth in line and with great effort, secured fourth position.

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2. Subhash Chandra Bose died in a plane crash.
The Mukherjee report of 1999 suggests that Bose didn’t die in an air crash in 1945. Even though the court rejected this report, there is no record of a plane crash at the time Bose was believed to be flying. Add to that, no DNA analysis was done on the ashes that are said to be Bose's to prove otherwise.

Source: newsgram
3. “An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind” -Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi had a lot of fancy one-liners, the kind that he could've owned Twitter with if he was around in this day and age. But for all his wise quips, this wasn't one of them. Contrary to popular belief, these words were actually said by Ben Kingsley in the movie Gandhi. There is no record of this statement being made by Gandhi in any of his collected works.

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4. Lalu Prasad Yadav's daughter Misa Bharti gave a lecture at Harvard.
Misa Bharti, daughter of Lalu Prasad Yadav, posted a picture of her standing on a podium of Harvard, claiming that she was invited to lecture the gathering on the Role of Youth. A Harvard spokesperson confirmed that she was invited for no such lecture.

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5. Hockey is India's national sport.
In an RTI reply, the Sports Ministry has made it clear that it has not declared any sport as the national game whereas the web portal of the government, National Portal of India, has posted an article calling hockey India's National Game. The fact remains that it was never declared our national sport even though it is all over our NCERT textbooks.

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6. Varanasi (Benaras) is the oldest city in the world.
Varanasi is considered the oldest inhabited city of the world.  This isn’t true because there are over 30 cities which were inhabited before Varanasi in 1100 BC. Get your facts right, historians.

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7. India has officially been secular since 1947.
The original Indian Constitution never had the term ‘secular’. The constitution was later amended in 1976 adding the term secular to its preamble and other sections. The Supreme Court says India has always been a secular country, but then why didn't we have it in our constitution?

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8. Hindi is the only official language of the country.
There are more than twenty official languages in the country, including Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, English, etc. Yes, the government will continue to promote the language, but all states are free to have their own official languages.

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9. Mahatma Gandhi was photographed dancing at a party.
Fell for it? This isn't Mahatma Gandhi dancing with a lady, it's actually an Australian actor dressed like Gandhi. Gandhi is definitely one role model; we've got actors dressing like him.

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10. Ayodhya has existed since the mystical age of the Ramayan.
The modern day town of Ayodhya was set up by King Vikramaditya and didn’t exist during the time period of the Ramayan. It was set up with the aim to recreate its mystic. In fact, there is another town in Thailand by the name of Ayutthaya which holds a similar story to that of the mythology.

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And you thought your lies were bad!

source :   10 Of The Biggest Lies That Had India Fooled

What are some of the biggest lies ever told in India?


What are some of the most famous unsolved mysteries?

Answer by Vincen Mathai:

The curious case of the Sleepy Hollow of Kazakhstan

One 28 August 2014, in a small town in Kazakhstan called Kalachi, a man named Viktor Kazachenko drove  off to the nearest village on some errands, but never arrived there. He was found later just sleeping near his motorcycle.

He woke up from his deep sleep a week later. When asked after he gained consciousness , he said

"My brain switched off. That’s it. I don’t remember. I came round on 2 September. I understood [on waking up] in the hospital that I’d fallen asleep.””

This was the first of the many  cases of the "sleeping sickness" that began to afflict the people of the village. And no one could explain why.

Since 2014, over a quarter of the population living in the village, which is now called "Sleepy Hollow" by the media, has stopped doing whatever they were doing and fell into a deep sleep.

This phenomenon has been dubbed   "sleeping sickness" by the scientists, who are now trying to analyse this mystery.

The episodes of sleeping are marked by an instantaneous deep slumber that lasts days on end and has been designated as a coma by the doctors. Those who were affected woke up feeling confused and dizzy. Most of them do not recall what  happened and those who do , report  seeing frightening hallucinations.

“To bring them into full consciousness is practically impossible on the first day,”

explained professor Leonid Rikhvanov, who is investigating the disease.

Victims sleeping in the hospital

Even after the affected people wake up, most of them suffer some kind of symptoms that continue even after their sleeping episode.

"After [the] slumber, my blood pressure started going up for no reason. For six weeks, I didn't know where to put myself. It strongly affects your mentality. I'm very on edge."

Viktor Kazachenko told Eurasia.net.

Viktor Kazachenko, along with 30 other villagers, has  already  been affected by this mysterious condition twice.

So what is making these villagers fall asleep?

This phenomenon is  the most intriguing mystery that happened in this millennium, attracting doctors and scientists from around the world to come to Kalachi. Many of them came up with interesting theories, trying to explain this.

1. Wind blowing form an abandoned uranium mine.

See how close the town is to the mining area

There is an abandoned Soviet Union uranium mine  next to the village. Some scientists believe that Radon gas emitted from the mine that wasn't operational in two decades could be the cause. To buttress the claim  they found elevated level of radon gas in the village.

But the doctors involved in this  shot down this theory saying

I am an anesthesiologist myself and we use similar gases for anesthesia, but the patients wake up a maximum in one hour after surgery. These people sleep for two to six days, what is the concentration of this gas then? And why one person falls asleep and somebody who lives with him does not?"

The mine town

So it seems the concentration of the radon gas is not high enough to knock out someone for many days. It also doesn't explain why one person gets knocked out, while the other who was close by doesn't get the same effect?

2. Carbon Monoxide (CO)  poisoning

Some scientists believe the wind patterns  seen and location of the village might cause the CO emitted from homes to go down and affect the people.

The symptoms that we see in a case of CO poisoning is similar to the ones displayed by the those who fell asleep. But this still doesn't explain why a husband might get affected but the wife who was nearby was perfectly alright.

3. Mass Hysteria

The dancing plague of 1518, was phenomenon caused by mass hysteria that led to 400 people of the town dancing for several days  straight without a break. Scientist believe this case of sleeping sickness might be a different type of mass hysteria but the absence of conclusive evidence  leaves this theory flat as well

4.  My theory: Jiggypuff is real!

Jigglypuff is run amok in the village stealthily singing and putting people to sleep.

Despite all these theories no one , in this  day and age , was able to explain this phenomenon and put an end to this. As of today , the cases of people falling asleep for days at a stretch are still happening.

If you want to know more watch the Russia Today report on this mysterious event.




  1. Added Jigglypuff theory. Thank you Nizar Gharbi for the tip.

What are some of the most famous unsolved mysteries?

How do I keep my confidence when I am with smart people who really think I am smarter than they are whilst I am pretty sure I am not?

Answer by Marcus Geduld:

By realizing that you've been taught a piece of bullshit all your life. Aside from a few geniuses, you will almost never find yourself around people who are smarter than you, because there's no such thing. Rather, there are people who have specific mental skills. Almost everyone you meet will be more mentally skilled than you in some ways and less mentally skilled in other ways.

It's hard to make "smart" meaningful, unless you define it in some arbitrary way, like "scored high on an IQ test" or "knows a lot about History." We tend to do this and then get flabbergasted when a so-called "smart person" acts in a stupid way. Whereas it wouldn't surprise us at all if a gifted at swimmer turned out to be bad at basketball.

The next time someone makes an insightful comment about politics or some other subject, stop yourself from thinking, "Wow! He's smart!" Instead, drill down to a more accurate statement: "He just said something really insightful" or, if you notice a pattern, "He's really skilled at getting to the heart of political issues."

If you really look for patterns in people you know (and in yourself), you'll notice that they shine when at some mental skills and stumble at others.

They only time you won't notice this is when a person is super-careful to avoid stuff he's bad at, so that he won't feel humiliated. If you have a friend who is always making brilliant comments about Literature but never says anything about Mathematics, that tells you something. Of course he's going to seem smart if he stays within his comfort zone!

If lots of people think you're smart and you're not, you've identified one way in which they're not-so-smart. Clearly, they're bad at judging people. They are brilliant, and yet they've completely screwed up when it comes to assessing your level of intelligence.

Or, you could drop the hubris and assume they see something true about you. Perhaps they, unlike you, don't see intelligence as one monolithic trait and have correctly identified that you are skilled in some areas.

I urge you to discard "smart." It won't be easy, because you (like all of us) have been brought up with that silly classification. But each time you say it or think it, remind yourself that it's a mostly-useless simplification. 

As for confidence, you don't "keep" it, you earn it. It will often seem as if the people around you just "have" confidence, as if they were born with it, and since you don't have it, it feels as if you got unlucky, like someone who was born with one arm shorter than the other.

Perhaps there are a few rare people who were born confident, but almost all the confident people you'll meet gained their confidence by working really hard (often for years) and pushing past failure. You have no way of seeing that history. There's no video you can watch of Al Pacino getting rejected at auditions. All you see is his successes. Have you heard the phrase "He makes it looks so easy?" The key is "look."

If you want to be confident, start working and keep working for a really long time. There's no shortcut. After a while, you will be confident that you can bake a cake people love (or whatever), because you will have done it many times (after first baking many horrible cakes). It won't be a matter of interpretation. You will be unable to deny you have skills.

People often think I'm skilled and confident. I'm a published author; I direct Shakespeare plays; I'm an experienced teacher and public speaker; I'm a computer programmer. And yet I was bad at all those things when I started doing it–not just bad, but significantly worse than my peers. I have never in my life experienced trying something for the first time (or the tenth time) and thinking, "I seem to be naturally good at this."

After years of practice and lots of failures, I now know I can go into a room with a group of actors and direct them in a play. It's not a feeling of arrogance, and I don't even think, "I'm confident." It's just a calmness. I know I can do it, because I've done it many times before. People see I'm not nervous, and that I'm enjoying the work, and they think, "He's confident."

How do I keep my confidence when I am with smart people who really think I am smarter than they are whilst I am pretty sure I am not?

Who are the top most current (living) inspiring Indians?

Answer by Nabasindhu Das:

A Boy who teaches- The Salman Khan of India
You may not know him but now , by reading about him , you will surely never forget. A true citizen of India, who is working hard towards its development
                                       A Rainy Day in June 2013. Getting done with the free  "Khan Academy" lectures , I sat by the splattering of Raindrops against the window and opened my NCERT "English Main Course Book" to read some interesting content.
                                         Turning Pages I come to read about him. A feeling rushed within me. A emotion of dissatisfaction about myself , as well as feeling proud that this type of citizen exist in my country.

Babar Ali:-
  Named the ‘youngest headmaster in the world’ by BBC in October 2009, at the age of 16. Babar Ali is an Indian student and teacher from Murshidabad, West Bengal. He started a school, Ananada Siksha Niketan – Home of joyful learning, in his backyard when he was just 9-years-old, now with 300 regular students , declared by BBC in 2009.

                                         He has immensely contributed to the cause of literacy rate of his region, Murshidabad in West Bengal.
Murshidabad is one of the backward places of West Bengal, in terms of education and he is one of the few who had got the chance to visit a school.
However, the simple sentence that "Education that is spread gets multiplied" was done to justice by him. Walking a few miles, then taking a rickshaw he went to the Higher Secondary School, in the nearby district.
Coming home, he does not rest. Instead, he changes his school dress and rings the gigantic bell. Soon, a melee of children and students of all ages come rushing in with their copies and slates in his backyard. He teaches them themselves. Many of his friends are there who studied with him till the primary and then opted out, primarily due to the poverty that is rampant across some parts of rural India, even now.

                                                              He is careful  to note every word in the school that is taught to him, and passes it to them easily.There are no tuition fees, thus making it affordable for the poor in this economically deprived area and thereby helping increase literacy rate there.
                                             He is really helping many children to realize their dreams, something which sometimes the IAS and politicians in our country fail to do. His school is lathed with problems. Lacks Basic Infrastructure, but the enthusiasm and the eagerness to yearn education, both of the students and the teachers tackles  every odd circumstances destiny throw against them, be it rain or scorching heat,

                                      He is now an TED fellow and a INK speaker, still he manages his schcool like he used to do from the day one.
Thankfully, despite the majority of Indian population not knowing him, his efforts have been rightfully awarded by Media. In 2009, Babar Ali won a prize from the program Real Heroes of the Indian English news channel CNN IBN for his work and was awarded the NDTV ‘Indian of the Year’ award. His story became a part of the syllabus for the CBSE 10th standard English textbook, PUC English textbook for Govt. of Karnataka, and also in a curriculum in Luxembourg, Europe. He was featured on Aamir Khan’s TV show Satyamev Jayate in July 2012, and is regularly invited to speak at various conferences and forums all over the world.

The awards and the honours do stand parallel, with his temple, his place of work.

His mother:

The sweet woman is benevolent to worship his son's success

His appearance on Satyamev Jayate , 2009:

This is the best picture I found about him: Standing with the Great heroes of India, he is at the left , with Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

I salute this boy from the very core of My Heart, Respect!!

Who are the top most current (living) inspiring Indians?

Why is the movie, The Prestige, underrated?

Answer by Andrew Levine:

The reason this movie is underrated, is because like any great movie, it's layered. IMO what sets a great director apart is that they are not only capable of telling a compelling story, but that story is crammed with 2nd and 3rd meanings. On its face The Shining is a movie about a man who goes insane and tries to murder his family. But it's also about an unemployed man who feels his manhood slipping away, or maybe it's about a man who abuses his child, or about humanity's tendency toward genocide (notice all the Native American imagery, and maybe even some Holocaust references). Good directors make interesting movies, great directors make DENSE movies, and The Prestige is one such movie. You can watch it time and time again, and still come away not just having seen something you hadn't seen before, but almost seeing a MOVIE you hadn't seen before. On the first viewing it's a movie about magic with several amazing twists, though to be honest, I wasn't that crazy about it after the first viewing. On the second viewing you can start appreciating the real messages: Great art comes from great sacrifice. Obsession leads to self-destruction. Thomas Edison was a prick (JK, kind of).

The central theme of the movie is that the great artist devotes his whole life to his craft in an attempt to achieve greatness in it. In the movie this is symbolized by Borden who literally spends his entire life on his craft (since presumably he and his twin had to start their ruse quite early on). Even their (the twins) personal lives are completely devoted to the craft since they don't even tell their loved ones the secret, and even sacrifice their loves for the trick. Angier symbolizes the danger the artist faces if he allows his craft, and the related desire for greatness, to consume him completely. Similar ideas are discussed in Inception. In Inception Cobb's obsession with his muse (symbolized by his dead wife) is a constant threat to his art (the creation of dreams). If the artist obsesses over his muse he ends up in purgatory (Inception) or dying a thousand deaths (The Prestige).

But let's break it down a little more systematically.

The reason it's underrated is 3 fold:

1. It's not really. It has a score of 8.4/10 on IMDB and 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, which I consider to be good scores, and fair ones. 76% is somewhat low for RT, but within the "good" range. Plus with a budget of 40MM it made 109MM. $70 million dollars is a lot of money. Nolan probably wouldn't have been tapped for the Batman movies if it hadn't made so much money. Which is not to say he isn't a great director, but a franchise like that also needs a director who knows how to make a commercial success.

That being said, here are some reasons I think SOME people might not give it the credit it deserves.

2. Angier's solution to the trick is a bit tough to swallow (though it is worth suspending disbelief for the payoff at the end). It requires the audience to believe that long before the cell phone was invented, Nikola Tesla invented a teleportation machine. Not only that, but it's a cloning machine that works using electricity, not chemistry, which I don't think is an easy thing for most people to unconsciously accept, because it's very difficult to imagine how applying electricity in any way would result in creating a copy of a complex biological organism. It's a bit distracting. BUT the reason this hiccup was tolerated by the author and filmmaker, and should be tolerated by the audience, is because it allows for the poetic message of the film: "Unchecked obsession can lead a man to kill himself … over and over again." Angier has to be able to create a copy of himself so that he can make the choice, "Do I stay a mediocre performer, or do I sacrifice myself, night after night, to become great?" Angier chooses the second path and demonstrates his commitment, or insanity, by choosing to die a horrible death every night for his art. The manner in which he creates the copy has to be similar enough to how an audience would imagine a teleportation device to look and operate so as to enable the author/director to hide the machine's true nature until the end.

A slightly different interpretation is that Nolan was trying to say that to achieve something great, a piece of the artist has to die. Toward the beginning of the movie, when Borden is just a stage hand and the magician, Virgil, does the vanishing bird trick, Borden tries to console the boy by showing him the surviving bird as if it was the only bird used. But the boy says, "But where's his brother?" That's right, he doesn't say "The other bird" like most people would, after all, who can tell birds apart? He says "his brother." Borden then says to the bird, "You're the lucky one tonight." This is definitely clever foreshadowing, but in addition it indicates that Borden knows, on some level, that becoming a great magician will require sacrifice–that one of the brothers will have to die. The fact that both of the main characters in the movie have clones (a twin is a clone), and that one of each pair is sacrificed for their craft (Angier isn't sacrificed, he's murdered for revenge) is too big a coincidence to be meaningless and it's not uncommon to use twins to symbolize two sides of the same person, for example, in the great movie Dead Ringers. Borden is great because he is willing to sacrifice a piece of himself, but he lives because he isn't willing to sacrifice his humanity. Angier becomes a great magician because he becomes willing to sacrifice, but he loses (dies) because he sacrificed his humanity. UPDATE: Upon re-watching this film it was even more clear that Borden and Fallon are meant to symbolize one man (the Artist) because they are intentionally completely indistinguishable. We know that they loved different women, but it's still impossible to determine which one of the twins loved whom. Whoever is playing Fallon acts like Fallon. Whoever is playing Borden acts like Borden, despite the fact that we learn that it is NOT the same person. Neither imbues either role with any semblance of individuality relative to themselves. What's more likely is that Fallon is meant to symbolize a side of the Man, the quiet, contemplative, reserved side, whereas Borden is the brash, manic side, the side that gets drunk in public and can't resist the urge to go backstage during Angier's final trick.

3. A significant percentage of the audience probably didn't get it. And even more probably didn't appreciate what it was really about: art, obsession, greatness, etc. Nolan intentionally kept the last scene somewhat vague. It was not immediately apparent that all the tanks were filled with dead clones, which was demonstrated by the fact that after the movie I remember a lot of audience members discussing what the final shot actually meant (with significant disagreement). I think ambiguity is a sign of good art, but also risks leaving some people in the dark. Also a lot of the details were kind of hurled at the audience in a brief period of time toward the end. It was a bit much to ask of an audience to assimilate all that new information, form it into a coherent narrative, then go back in their heads and revise the existing narrative that had already been implanted by the preceding majority of the film. It was a lot to ask of the audience and I think a lot of people moved on with their lives (a totally reasonable thing to do) before doing the mental gymnastics necessary to really appreciate the film.

4. Another major theme possibly missed by the average audience member is obsession and the battle between Tesla and Edison. I can't explain it any better than Tesla himself does in the movie:
Nikola Tesla: Go home. Forget this thing. I can recognize an obsession, no good will come of it.
Robert Angier: Why, haven't good come of your obsessions?
Nikola Tesla: Well at first. But I followed them too long. I'm their slave… and one day they'll choose to destroy me.

Originally I thought Tesla was alluding to the fact that Angier would have to kill himself to use the machine, but when I watched it yet again I realized that Tesla hadn't yet made the machine, and even after he finished it, he didn't know that it worked by creating a copy, which is why he didn't think it worked until Angier stumbled on the hats and the cat. Tesla didn't know the specifics of what would happen, he only knew that this level of obsession destroys men. The true purpose of this speech (IMO) is to allow Nolan to talk to the audience, he's telling us, "Pay attention to the obsession of these men." This movie is not about magic, it's about obsession.

I had heard the theory that this movie was actually about the battle between Edison and Tesla, but never really believed it. After my last viewing though, I do think that this conflict was more central than I originally believed, and may even have been a serious consideration while making the movie. The parallels are hard to ignore. Borden is the artist who cared more about his craft than anything and is described as a "natural magician." Angier is a rich snob who simply copies and buys the tricks of others and passes them off as his own. These same descriptions could easily be attributed to Tesla and Edison. Tesla was so far ahead of his time that one could literally call him a "natural magician." But at the very least he was a "natural" scientist. You can't teach what he had, largely because he was coming up with stuff no one else even understood. In addition, money had little meaning to him other than as a means of allowing him to pursue his science, in fact, it is this obsession with science that left him penniless and alone at his death. Edison, like Angier was wealthy, had no qualms about using that wealth to acquire inventions and pass them off as his own as well as to squash any competitors, even if they were superior (Angier blatantly ripping off Borden's Transported Man). And like Angier, he only seems to get richer. The parallels are too big to ignore, and I wouldn't be surprised if to some extent Nolan was trying to implant the idea, almost "subconsciously" (sound familar? Inception anyone? BTW that movie was actually about using movies to implant ideas into the audience, not about dreaming), that Edison was pretty much a dick, a tough idea to overtly discuss given the general reverence with which he is treated. This is supported by the fact that when Edison is referenced in the movie, or when his agents appear or are referenced, it is always in a negative light with a healthy serving of vitriol. On the other hand, maybe he was just using the Edison-Tesla conflict to discuss the rich v. poor dynamic (e.g. poor people will always be exploited by the rich and powerful). Maybe he was even saying that how you deal with obsession depends on how much money you have. For example, had Borden been born rich, can we honestly say that he wouldn't have grown to become just another Angier? I wouldn't be surprised if all of these ideas were floating around those brilliant noggins while crafting the script.

5. Was Borden really the winner? When I first analyzed the movie, I thought Borden was the clear winner. At no point in the movie does Angier get to see the crowd's reaction to the Transported Man's prestige, the one thing he seemed to truly desire (watch the movie again, he literally is never able to look at their faces). He committed suicide at least 100 times and then he gets shot in the gut. But the last time I watched the movie, I started to feel like it wasn't as clear cut. When Angier is talking about his motivation, and the look on the crowd's faces, he seems genuinely happy … and Borden seems almost confused. Earlier in the movie Borden explains to the small boy to never tell the secrets to a trick, because once you give that away "You're nothing." No one cares about you. He did magic so that people would care about him, it was ego, not art, which is why he never once discusses the audience. Throughout the movie you get the sense that he almost despises the audience. There were people who cared about Borden/Fallon, but he pushed them away. In that final scene, no longer distracted by the details that Angier was revealing, it became clear to me that there was no clear winner here. Angier at least performed for others. He might not have seen their faces, but he could hear them, he KNEW what they were doing, and in that final scene you see it bringing him joy. Sure he wanted to see their faces, but he was never as uncompromising as Borden, the applause, while not ideal, would be enough in the end, and it's important to remember that he did get to see the audiences react to the prestige for every OTHER trick, just not the Transported Man. Still, Borden lives and regains his daughter, but the hope is that he has learned from Angier's dying words. Borden is no longer the virtuoso, Angier is the one giving the lesson.

Finally there is one thing I've never heard anyone mention, but I actually think may be the most interesting part of the movie, and that is the question "If you die, but a clone of you, with all of your memories, continues to live, did you really die?" After all, each clone goes on performing Angier's trick. Every clone is in every sense Angier, so much so that each one is willing to murder himself out of commitment to the trick. Now THAT is a pretty awesome concept to be discussing in a major motion picture.

I do not ascribe to the theory that Tesla's machine never really worked and convincing Borden that it did work was Angier's final great trick. Here is a summary of the arguments against it:

1. In the book the machine works
2. The screenplay describes the tanks in the final scene as being filled with "yet another Robert Angier." Considering who reads the screenplay (cast and crew) it doesn't make much sense for the Nolans to lie in the script.
3. When Angier tests Tesla's machine for the first time, the new Angier that appears is very obviously not "Root" (the original double) which can be discerned by his teeth and nose, which were always significantly different than Angier's. In addition, in the screenplay, the man who appears is described as "Second Angier."
4. Finally in an interview on MovieWeb, Jonathan Nolan was asked if he considered having the machine not work. His response was that it "feels fundamental to the book."
5. This theory being right would invalidate the much better messages permeating the movie. If Angier doesn't get onto that stage knowing that he's going to die, the movie is reduced to an M. Night Shamalyan joint.

Why is the movie, The Prestige, underrated?

What can people start doing now that will help them a lot in about five years?

Answer by Stan Hayward:

  1. Keep a diary
  2. Write down the key points of what you did for the day. This may be trivial, but it will show how you spend your day.
  3. Write down thoughts you have for doing even simple things like buying something. This will show where your money goes.
  4. At the end of every month do a summary of what you have done, and mark out things you have achieved for the month, or failed to achieve. This includes your income, health, buying items, fixing things.
  5. Put a value on your time. If you assess your time as being worth $20 an hour then assess everything you do at that rate. So if writing and posting a letter takes half an hour, then it costs $10.
  6. Give yourself short term goals. Write down what you hope to achieve in the next month. Then assess how well you did it. If you failed then write down why.
  7. Have an excercise plan, and try hard to stick to it.
  8. You need to plan your personal life like you would plan a company. Put a value on what you do, who you know, how much you pay for anything, and how much your possessions and actions further your goals.
  9. Keep a simplified record of your outgoings and income. This is not for accounting but just to see if your lifestyle affects this in a way that courses a need for adjusting
  10. Get rid of excess baggage. This covers items you don't need, habits that are distractions, friends who you will not miss, hobbies that absorb your resources.
  11. Mix with people who have similar goals to yourself. (this does not mean never mix with anyone else)
  12. Do not assume you will ever have time to do things you can't do now or soon.
  13. Learn the difference between Urgent and Important
  14. Don't rely on others to solve your problems. Try to solve all your own problems even if they can be solved with money or help. Learning how to fix a tap washer may seem needless, but it gives an insight into problem solving.
  15. Find out how other people solved their problems or failed to.
  16. Take an interest  in people. Success comes from knowing how people work, not how things work.

What can people start doing now that will help them a lot in about five years?

What are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever?

Answer by Prashant Kumar:

I am not sure whether these things have been covered or not, I didn't go through all the answers.
I found this in an article.

Source: 27 Clever Inventions To Make Your Life A Lot Easier

1 | USB Sticks To Go.

2 | A highlighter that lets you see where you’re highlighting.

3 | Hold your books in style.

4 | Lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone.

5 | Water bottle to watering can.

6 | Portable roof rack road shower. Great for camping.

7 | Never forget your todo list again.

8 | Water bottle for storing all your valuables. Great for the gym.

9 | Onesie that monitors all your baby’s vital signs, and streams the data to your smart phone.

10 | Guitar chime doorbell.

11 | Greatest cooler ever. Comes complete with a bottler opener, a blender, and a phone charger.

12 | Mouse hole power outlet cover.

 13 | Wine sippy cups for adults.

14 | Self rotating spaghetti fork.

15 | Silicone pull tabs for your oven.

16 | Alarm clock that displays your whole day.

17 | Make guitar picks from your old credit cards.

18 | Passcode locked USB stick.

19 | A self-heating butter knife. Perfect!

20 | Never miss the toilet in the dark again.

21 | Charges your phone while burning wood.

22 | Padlock for your delicious ice cream.

 23 | A handy, dandy egg yolk separator.

24 | Double snack dish. Great for olives, or pistachios.

25 | Coin purse that looks like a rock.

26 | Oil lamp that projects a tree.

27 | A bird feeder with a built in camera.

What are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever?

Why does Eminem still rap with so much anger when clearly he is successful?

Answer by Aditya Nair:

Okay so just imagine that you are born(you are a white guy) and your mom is just 17…..
After 6 months your dad leaves you and your mother alone and moves out of the house  in such a stage when your mother needs him the most.
You are a bit older  now (4-5 years) and your mom and you have to constantly from one town to another in every three to four months.
You try to contact your father by writing him letters and each and every letter comes back marked as "return to sender".
You are 9 years old now and your uncle introduces you to hip-hop.You develop interests in storytelling,comic books and you aim to become a comic-book artist in life.
Edit-You are 10 , you are bullied and beaten up so badly that you spend a week in coma.
Time passed  away and you are a teenager now who lives in Detroit.You often get bullied in school and you are not at all good in studies(you love english as a subject but you hate reading literature you prefer reading comic books,you hate math and social science).You are still in your teens when you meet a girl you soon fall in love with.You go through the darkest time in your life maybe ,you get bullied everyday,your are still a failure in studies
The girl you love and her sister run away from her house and you decide to let her live in your house.You find your interest in rapping and hip-hop.
You are 14 now and start rapping with a friend.After spending three years in ninth class due to failure you get thrown out from the school.Your mother throws you out of the house and goes to pay bingo.You start free style rapping and rap battling in shelters with your best friend.You read dictionary at home so that you can improve your vocabulary.You form a rap group with your friend.A local record label signs a deal with you and then you record your debut album which turns out to be a huge . DJ's in Detroit refuse to play your album as they think it is "rock and roll" and as you are white you can never succeed in a genre of music which is basically for the black.You and your love are blessed with a daughter .As you are going through poverty you decide to work as a dish washer .Just before 5 days for your daughter's birthday you get fired,you just have forty dollars.Your house gets robbed.Then you try to kill yourself but manage to survive.Then one day when you are shitting in the toilet you come up with the idea of an alter ego who raps about violence,murder,poverty which are inspired by real life instances.You are frequently in an on and off relationship with your love.you get evicted from your house and then you decide to participate in a Rap competition which is organized by a reputed record label and after a whole lot of hardwork for the competition you win the second prize.Then luckily one day the CEO of the record label listens to your sample album and then gives it to a rap legend to listen.The legend just falls in love with your sample album and orders the CEO to find you .You meet the legend and he signs you in the record label.Soon after yo launch your album which turns out to be a huge success and you are a superstar.
After some months you mom sues you for $10 million.You relationship with your love is still on and off and after two years you decide to divorce. Your second album become the fastest selling hip hop album.You are one of the most famous rappers alive and each of your album is a hit,each of your concerts are just amazing.
Years pass by…..
You still are amidst controversies and you remarry your love.
Then one fine day you get a shocking news that your best friends is no more, he has been shot .
Hard times come for you again,you divorce your wife again ,you are going through depression .
This depression makes you intake drugs such as cocaine and ambien.
After a year you collapse suddenly in your bathroom.You open your eyes and find yourself in the hospital.The doctor says if you would'nt have reached the hospital by 2 hours you would have been dead.Then some months pass by and you recover from your addiction
then you come back again in to the hip hop scene and become the best artist hip hop has seen in years .
This is what Eminem has been through.People say "time heals everything"but in actual life there are some painful instances which are never healed.Same is with Eminem, in most of his songs he raps about instances which occurred in his real life.

Here is a pic with his dad before he left him

Eminem as a kid

Eminem with Hailie(his daughter)

Eminem with kim (his ex-wife)

Eminem with Proof(his best friend who was shot)

Eminem's success is a slap to all those people who said he would never succeed.And one more thing he is not singing such songs to gain sympathy rather he is angry he just thinks that's by singing songs with such lyrics he can help people who are going through similar situations as he did .
As he raps in his song Guts over fear ft Sia (album-shadyXV).

Thanks for reminding me  about that edit Roomman Israili
Thanks Akshaye Thakur  for promoting
I hope this helps 🙂

Why does Eminem still rap with so much anger when clearly he is successful?

Why doesn’t Alan Turing get more recognition?

Answer by Joseph Guindi:

He gets more recognition than he deserves in one very important area.

People think that Turing broke the Enigma machine and gave the Allies its most crucial weapon against the Nazis. This is totally and unequivocally false, it was actually broken by Marian Rejewski at the Polish Biuro Szyfrów all the way back in 1932, and him and many of his colleagues barely escaped with their lives through occupied Europe to deliver their secret to their French and British allies as WWII was raging. Some, such as cryptologist Jerzy Różycki were not so lucky and were killed; others like Maksymilian Ciężki were captured and were systematically tortured and deported to concentration camps without ever revealing their secret.

These people didn't just break the Enigma machine before Turing, they actually gave their lives so that Turing and the British government had this information and to keep this information secret. What Turing did was devise the Bombe a more efficient way of cracking Enigma than the previous Polish Bomba device. While no slouch and while he did contribute to the ongoing cracking of Enigma, he had no role in the discovery of the technique, nor did he display (nor did he need to display) any of the heroism that led to this discovery getting to Britain and to protect this secret widely ackowledged to have been crucial to victory over the Nazis.

Why doesn't Alan Turing get more recognition?

What are some amazing motivational posters?

Answer by Aditya Basu:

Since you have specifically asked this question , I would try my best to justify the answer .
 Here is the list of some Motivational posters / thoughts , which bolsters my case of achieving Every Task , EVERYDAY , Day after Day ! !

1) Stop Making Excuses . Dream It . Do It  . Period ! !

2) Not just try to be a Star ,  but a Sky for the Stars

3) Perfection is achieved by those little steps you take every day . Persevere Tirelessly . Your destination is as good as your journey .

4) This Rule . Your Life . Repeat ! !

5) Never shy away of creativity . This is the only thing which would set you apart ! !

6) Yes , you heard it right . Success is that Simple . Keep Trying ! !

6) Embrace your Mistakes so that you don't Repeat them ! !

7) And for the last , Remember these 10 Lines . It would simplify your Life .

Needless to say , the less baggage you carry , the more you achieve

I hope you had an inspiring and enriching Read .

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What are some amazing motivational posters?